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The Petrie Family.

You know when you meet a family and they just ooze love and contentment. Thats what the Petrie family radiated today when I met them in their lovely home in Brisbane's outer suburbs. 

I have known Chantal for many years after working together in a shoe shop. She was always the kindest most gentle person I knew there and her family are the mirror image of that. The way they look at their daughter with such love and full hearts was so humbling and joyous to see. Matt only has eyes for his two ladies and you can tell is absolutely smitten with Chantal. 

Little Mackenzie is an absolute bundle of joy. From the minute I stepped in the door I was met with this little chubby baby with just the most beautiful soulful eyes. Its funny how you can meet babies and children and you just know they are so wise and full of curiosity even though they have only been earthside for such a short time. 

"Babies are such a nice way to start people"

Don Herold

We had another family member arrive "Henry" the dog. He wasn't so sure about my camera or me clicking away so close to his family but we managed to get a few cute shots. I could have spent hours here with this adorable family. 

What a beautiful way to spend a Sunday morning, in a house so full of love and happiness. I hope these photos bring them as much joy as they bring to the world. 

Amber x

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