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But I look a mess....

People always think they must be dressed nicely and have perfect makeup and hair to have family photos. But this is not always true. Our children want to see pictures of us just as we were, how they remember us day to day.

So this little mini session was super fun and spontaneous.

I have been wanting to capture my wonderful friend Ali and her gorgeous kids for ages now. We kept trying to make a date but it could never align. Well this past week we caught up at the beach. We swam with the kids, rode boogie boards, ate food and laughed.

I grabbed my camera out and automatically my gorgeous friend says “No, I look a mess”

She really didn’t. She looked radiant, relaxed and totally content with her 2 little cherubs.

These images make me happy that I’m able to catch these moments for amazing people.

Enjoy ❤️

Amber Carlyn Photography

#kids #family #photography #brisbane #woman

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