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Learning through love

My journey into the world of photography started when I was very young, but I was always frightened to take the leap, afraid of the criticism, that I was never good enough.

I looked at my children and decided to take the plunge cause the faith I have in them to be wonderful should be the faith I have in myself, right? Children have the whole world at their feet, we encourage them to be who they are and to stay true to that person. As we grow we seem to lose that enthusiasm, we are told no or that we are not good enough too many times. Before we know it we listen to these untruths about ourselves, self doubt creeps in and we don't follow the dreams that once meant so much to us.

I am looking at the world with so much more optimism and wonder. I look at it through my lens and try and capture the beauty I see around me. I may not be the most technical photographer.... shh here is a secret.... I don't know what I am doing most of the time, but I know that when I shoot from my heart and take photos of things that create emotion I find the most beautiful images. Most of my photos are that of my children. Their little changing faces, the bright inquisitive eyes and their glorious little happy souls eager to see the world.

Doing what we love is so important, finding something that makes our heart sing like when we were 5 is the self love we all need. The world needs it.

The world can be so hard and cruel but its also so light and wonderful, full of amazing people who want to bring joy to our lives. So find that joy and love.

Love yourself, your art and continue creating and spreading your unique sunshine on the world.

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