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Little adventurer

Its been a few weeks since I have picked up my camera. Since I am only fresh in the photography scene, I feel so intimidated and inspired by so many amazing creatives. I have stopped comparing a long time ago and I know who I am, but sometimes I cant get out of my head.

Its like being the new kid in school, no one knows who you are, no one knows your heart and soul. You are navigating how the system works, working out where and how you can fit in. Trying to stay true to yourself but second guessing.

Thats were I am right now, Im second guessing everything. I know that I have a LOOOONG way to go and Im learning so much everyday but I guess I am my worst critic.

So today I took out my camera and captured my youngest. I caught him being free and without a care in the world. I watched him as he found crab holes and leaves, climbed trees and swam naked in the ocean. As I watched him I saw how pure his life is. How each object he finds he is amazed by it.

This is how I want to see the world again through my lens, like a toddler, maybe without the meltdowns, but with all the wonder and excitement.

Finding the joy in the little things is where I will start, capturing these little people in my life as they see the world with big wondrous eyes.

In the words of David Bowie-

'I don't know where Im going from here, but I promise it wont be boring'

Amber x

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