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Two is better than one....

Today I finally made it to the Wilson home to photograph this amazing little family.

If you have ever been in a house with twins you will understand how demanding it can be...but wow they are so fun. Double the giggles, double the love and double the trouble.

Arlo and Harvey are identical little mates, they were shy at first but once we began to chat about Elmo the fish and their toys, they were happy to let me chase them around with my camera.

Mitchell and Krystal are amazing parents who haven't lost that beautiful spark between them. Parents have a secret language and just know what to do and when to do it, Krystal and Mitch work like a well oiled machine, all the while having so much fun with their little boys and keeping the love alive.

Toddlers are fun to try and capture, they are hilarious little creatures. If you can find a toddler to hang out with this week do it! Or 2 would be even better. Honestly it will make you smile and your soul will feel so happy.

Amber x

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