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Im a mother hear me roar!

Today I was lucky enough to have my first Mothers day session.

I created these mini sessions to really focus on mum and the kids. I know for myself I am usually only in photos if I take a selfie. This is like so many other mums. We have so many photos of our children and our children with their other parent etc. But we very rarely jump in, worried we don't look our best, or have no one to take the photo. There is nothing wrong with a selfie but its often awkward and doesn't capture a precious moment in all its glory.

So today we had lots of fun with this gorgeous family. They even climbed a tree for me.

I have had the pleasure of knowing this amazing woman for many many years. I have watched her become a mum twice to two wonderful little humans, who I love as my own. The absolute joy I have had in being part of her journey through motherhood has been so special. You are a magic human Nikki and I am so blessed to have you in my life.

I hope you enjoy this little sneak peak.

Remember you are all magnificent.

Amber x

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