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Hello Holly.

Oh Holly! Such a sweet little one, from a beautiful family.

Holly has a big sister Lucy, who isn't earthside but is so very loved and a big part of the family.

I wanted to make sure Lucy was included in this special Mothers day session and she definitely was. Watching Carly with Holly and holding tight to Lucy showed me the different levels of love we have for our children. Carlys story is one of loss and love. Lucy was and is so very loved. Her ashes are kept in the beautiful bear from The Eddy Bear Company , Lucy can be with her family anywhere and anytime with this gorgeous huggable bear.

Carly had a wonderful care team when she fell pregnant with Holly. Her Obstetrician gave her piece of mind by admitting her to hospital and checking on Holly throughout Carlys pregnancy for 10 weeks.

"My dr who let me stay in hospital for ten weeks with my pregnancy with Holly just for peace of mind because I was so scared of losing her too. They scanned me weekly and checked her movements and heartbeat three times a day to try and lessen my fears. And because Lucy passed away about an hour after she was born due to prematurity, they had heaps of activities and services to keep our minds busy"

The Mater Bereavement services were also a huge help to Carly and her husband Ben throughout this time. Talking about Lucy, including her and celebrating her is a big part of their lives. Holly will always know she is the little sister to Lucy and how much they are both loved.

"A mothers heart is always with her children"


Holly is watched over by her mum, Lucy and her dog Tess, who watched on through the glass very curiously as I snapped away. Such a beautiful session. Thank you for inviting me into your home.

Amber x

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