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Family weddings

When I first started this crazy business I was told by many that I should be careful taking on family as clients when it comes to weddings or events. I turned down so many family members and friends when they asked me to photograph their events cause I was so worried that if I didn't follow this advice I would fail.

Well I am shoving that out the door cause I actually love documenting my family and friends. I love that I can give them the gift of their day in beautiful images they can keep forever. And they do pay me right and they never have abused my kindness (lets keep it that way ;) )

So with that in mind when my husbands little brother was getting married they asked me to document their day. I was hesitant at first but i knew it would be super fun so I said yes!

Nikki and Anthony are super cruisey and were happy to just go with the flow of the day and follow my lead which was so fun. They wet happy to pose in a dust cloud when I had a crazy idea (there wasn't enough dust for my liking but it was fun none the less)

They ceremony was held on a remote beach south of Bundaberg. We had to 4WD out there which was an adventure in itself. I was so nervous as it was a 1;30pm wedding on the beach. Bright sun, reflection and not how I usually work. But lucky for me it was overcast and not super bright. The wedding so so small and intimate, I loved every minute!

Congratulations lovers!

Sit back and enjoy some of my favourite images of the day.

P.S Dont forget to click on each photo to see it nice and BIG!

Dress: Upstairs Designers

Hair: Nailed to Perfection

Make up: Hollywood Runway

Amber x

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