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Photography has always been there for me. All through high school I had a camera somewhere in the house, I constantly wanted to document life, anyones life. I wanted this to be my job, career, my calling but when I left school I partied and never went to uni, never studied, met my now husband in a nightclub, traveled the world, had kids, ran a bakery with my husband had another child and now finally after all that time I am following my dream of photography.

So when I opened my business after a wonderful workshop by Amy Rushbrook, I really didn't think that I would be good enough, that people would know that I had ZERO qualifications, that my only qualification was life. But people booked me! They did? I am a firm believer that Art is subjective and forever changing so I guess people out there love my art?

Imposter syndrome and the feeling of not being as good as the other Photographers out there gets me daily, and I am constantly questioning if I really am a fraud in this business?

What makes me not a fraud and an artist is the fact I have wonderful beautiful families who want me to document their lives, their babies, their marriages, them.

The Sherriff family is one of those. I still remember when I received the email from Brooke about a newborn session. I was sure she had emailed the wrong person. It was my first in home newborn session. Walking into a home that I didn't know and meeting people I had never met was so daunting. But I did it and guess what they came back a year later and asked me to document their gorgeous little family again.

This makes it worth it, to know that people trust me to capture those moments for them, that they are relaxed enough with me to just be themselves. When I deliver a gallery I am a bundle of nerves, hoping that they love them, that my work has captured their family how they want and that they walk away with memories they will look back on and love.

Now that I have bored you all with my inner voice here are some of my favourite images form our session. Yes they got in the water, yes it was freezing and no I didn't fall in ;)

Thank you Brooke and Tristan for trusting me, I loved every minute.

Amber x

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