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Iso life sessions.

When we went into self isolation it was a anxious time for me. My anxiety levels were high and I was so worried about everything.

I was sad as I was finally starting to get a good flow of bookings and I was so confident this was my year to really get my business going. But the world had different ideas.

We went into self isolation the week before everything started to lock down. Hubby was our tribute to do the grocery shopping or any other type of public outing. As a family we just hung out at home, we took it slow, we did puzzles, I gave in and let the kids have phones so they could keep in contact with their mates, they played a lot of xbox, but we really had such a lovely time together. I know that this wasn't the same for everyone and I know that self iso must have been so very hard for some.

My anxiety was very bad and I had to really work hard to get through it. Photography helped me get through.

I really wanted to ge out and start taking pictures of people at their front doors but my anxiety just wouldn't let me.

So instead of taking other peoples pictures I decided to take a picture a day of my family. I will share them below.

I knew though that I really had to get out and document other families. So I started walking around and taking photos of the local people that I knew.

Once restrictions started easing and we could drive 50km for our home I was able to then open up and start meeting other families.

This series of blog posts are their experiences of what it was like in self isolation in Brisbane and surrounds.

Here is a selection of the 7 weeks we spent as a family. Continue to follow as I will be sharing the iso stories or the families i was lucky enough to document.

Amber x

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

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