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Iso life with the Berwick/Bader Family

I have known Kerri for a few years now. Her middle daughter was in the same class as my eldest, and her youngest son is my middles boys best mate. I had such fun with their family and their rescue greyhound Rosie.

Here is there story. x

 1. How did you feel when they started to close things down and create restrictions?

I was really sad for the kids when they started shutting things down.  Henry was about to start winter cricket and Charlotte was getting ready for State Champs for basketball, Amelia just beginning to settle into high school life.  I knew they were all going to miss seeing their friends too.  For me things were better, not having the commute to work over an hour each way, and I don’t really do much socially so I wasn’t missing out there.

2.What things did you start to do once your iso life began that was different to your normal life.

Working from home was a major change for me, but I enjoy it for the most part!  I started to watch some live musicians online which is new for me, not the same as being at a venue,  but still fun!  I started a vege patch and an online exercise program.

3. What was your favourite thing about iso life.

Not having to go into  work and rush around as much.  Having a bit more time with kids because I finish work at 4.30 and am  already home!

4.What was your least favourite thing about iso life

Mum and Dad live downstairs, I think we all spent a bit too much time together!  And there were a few weeks where my partner and I chose to  isolate from each other because my kids were home from school but he still had to send his kids and I perceived that to be too much risk.  I have asthma,  my parents were the only ones caring for my 90yr old grandmother and my nephew is immune compromised so I had to take things seriously.

5.What do you hope changes for the better when we go back to semi normal life.

I hope my garden stays alive!  And that the kids appreciate all the time spent taking them  places more!

6.Who did you miss hugging the most.

My partner  when I wasn’t able to see him.

The family dynamic was tricky.  3 kids spending 65 days together!!!  The share care between their dad’s house and mine so at least that broke things up for them a bit, but they had definitely spent waayyyyy too much time together by the end!!  There were different times when they would get along well and it was great to see them spending more time together, but then also times they were yelling that they hated each other.  Charlotte coped really well, she set herself a planner for the day and would do all her school word and exercise, clean her room.  Amelia spent a lot of time on facetime with her bestie, and that was nice to see the friendship grow.  Henry spent way too much time on his ipad, but with me having to work was difficult to control.  I loved hearing him chatting to his mates online, but he probably was the most impacted.  There were a few days where he cried  and told me he was feeling really sad for no reason at all. 

I am looking forward to some aspects of normal life coming back.  I love seeing them enjoy sport and seeing their friends.  I am still working from home, but I am not looking forward to leaveing again every day before 7 and home at 6.

Thank you Kerri and family x

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