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Iso life with the Brett Family

Debbie Brett is a well know local photographer. She is always so incredible kind with helping me and when she asked me to take photos of her family I was so nervous! How do you document a family who has such a talented photographer as a mother.

How did you feel when they started to close things down and create restrictions? Uncertain and worried about how serious it was all getting so quickly, especially with what was happening in Europe. It really hot home when my husband was stood down without pay and all my work dried up, we went from a healthy income to no income almost over night. What things did you start to do once your iso life began that was different to your normal life.

Not setting an alarm in the morning, eating supper together every night as a family, having a glass of wine in the garden with my husband at the end of the day. The girls played all day and made a mud garden off their own back. What was your favourite thing about iso life.

The amount of time we spent as a family at home, together. The amount of DIY my husband ticked off his list! What was your least favourite thing about iso life.

Having to get a cleaning job to keep money coming in, before they announced jobkeepers What do you hope changes for the better when we go back to semi normal life.

Less pressure to fit so much into our lives, a slower pace Who did you miss hugging the most.

My parents, but that isn't Coronavirus driven... they live in the UK! In Australia, my girl friends

We are a family of 4, an expat family from the UK who have happily been living in Birkdale for 8 years. We have two girls aged 7 & 8. Daily life turned upside down for us during the Pandemic, my husband became the stay at home parent and I went out to work when I could. The girls became more independent because my husband doesn't panda to them like I do... it's been a great life lesson for them, and me! I loved the time we spent together, especially suppers. Overall it was a positive time for us, finances aside!

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