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Iso life with the Chiou Family.

Vendy has been a friend since back in the days when I loved shiny lycra leggings. We have been online friends ever since.

Her family were the absolute cutest! I just loved how much she loves her parents.

Here is her story.

How did you feel when they started to close things down and create restrictions?

I was honestly starting to freak out – but also was relieved that they did have the restrictions coming in. We already had a lot of exposure to Covid-19 information from family being overseas in Taiwan, so when it reached Australia we were pretty terrified about what was going to happen. I was in the middle of a hospital placement, so between the unknown of what was going to happen, and the stress of my placement – it really took a toll on me mentally. I was scared I was going to be exposed to it and that I was going to bring it back home to my kids and parents.

What things did you start to do once your iso life began that was different to your normal life.

Having the 2 kids to myself for a long period of time – I was also taking my niece at that stage as well – so having the 3 kids under one roof and trying to entertain them all. When restrictions came in, I had a week’s break from the hospital, so was able to use that time to ‘calm down’ as such, however it went from that straight to home-schooling and dealing with the kids. It was hard as we were just home-bound – we couldn’t go out for walks (the surrounding area around my place is not walk friendly), or go to the park etc. Trying to balance out screen time from TV’s, iPads etc and keeping them active just in the yard was super trying. We missed friends and social interaction for sure!

What was your favourite thing about Isolife

The fact we didn’t have to get dressed to go anywhere – we could just relax at home. The ability to see how much my kids were learning (though I did get a pedantic about doing work at the start – then I relaxed a bit as the restrictions progressed) each day, and experiencing new things with them like baking and cooking together.

What was your least favourite thing

Home-schooling – even though they told us that it wasn’t ‘essential’, that was a bit of a stress moment with the amount of things we had to print out, sit down with the kids to go through it all. By the time online school started, I was also back on placement. Juggling through all of that was the absolute pits. Hats off to the educators and teachers! The unknown of the time frame of how long the restriction was going to last and seeing what was happening outside of Australia was crazy.

What do you hope changes for the better when we go back to semi normal life

Maybe spending more quality time with the kids – to be less in a rush, and take the time to craft together, bake together, cook together.

Who do you miss hugging the most.

No change here! Hugs on the daily in this family.

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