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Iso life with the Jolly-Perret Family.

Amy is my cousin on my dads side, she has two teenage children and married to a gorgeous man Brett. They ave a sweet do Gus who is a hoover when food is around.

This is their story.

How did you feel when they started to close things down and create restrictions? We all felt a little bit nervous, I was more concerned for Nan and Mum and Dad, and their understanding of the situation. Totally agreed with what needed to happen to make sure everyone was safe.

What things did you start to do once your iso life began that was different to your normal life.

Brett and I have been walking every day, morning and night, to start the kids came with us but that changed. Gus is the fittest he has been in years!

What was your favourite thing about iso life.

Getting to know each other a little better, our lives are normally so busy, it was nice to stop and sit down. Doing things around the house that have been on the ‘to do’ list for a long time but not being home on the weekends ever made it hard.

What was your least favourite thing about iso life.

We missed the social side, going out for dinner, catching up with friends, playing and watching sport.

Who did you miss hugging the most

I missed hugging my nan the most … so did the kids.

When lock down started, school holidays began, it was ok, the kids needed a break, some down time. Didn’t take long to realise that we don’t really like to sit around at home. We missed our family and friends and getting out and about. We totally understand why it had to happen and we are now benefiting from the restrictions. Let’s hope we continue to stay healthy and safe.

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