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Iso life with the Raaz family

The Raaz family were in the middle of Ramadan when I documented their family. I later found out that Jezza is from the shiny lycra loving times too. So in a round about way we had been connected. Its so interesting how we are all somehow connected.

This is their story.

How did you feel when they started to close things down and create restrictions?

I felt a bit sad and anxious. Sad because we have a lot of plans cancelled and means we won’t see friends and elder families. Anxious because we have never done this before and we don’t know how we will be at home.

What things did you start to do once your iso life began that was different to your normal life.

We made a routine that split the household chores into 2. Since hubby became WFH too and that was different. I used to do all household chores and the kids (1 & 4) since he arrives home 6PM and that’s kids dinner time, bath time is finished too. Now, he takes care of feeding and bathing kids.

What was your favourite thing about iso life.

The change of our routine is my favourite! This covid19 version of our routine is so better! ☺ love driving to work! No traffic and no one’s in the shops I love it :P

What was your least favourite thing about iso life

Maia’s first birthday party being cancelled! ☹ And I was supposed to be a bridesmaid to a wedding but that got cancelled too. (all my diet workout gone to waste! :P ) But that’s okay I understand its all for everyones safety.

What do you hope changes for the better when we go back to semi normal life.

To be grateful in everything! Grateful to have someone with you in this isolation and grateful to things that we usually take granted for ie TP :P

Who did you miss hugging the most.

I’l say my family. Even though they are all in Philippines, we supposed to see them last February but the trip got cancelled.

If you could write a little blurb about your family and dynamics of daily life also.

We are a family of 4 and we are loving (try to) every single moment of our new iso life. I start my (partime) work early in the morning so dad is in charge of breakfast time for the kids. Either both go to grandparents or Malik goes to day care, so dad can do his work at home. At night time, that when we get super busy! We have dinner as early as 6pm. Then we do Maia’s eczema routine, Malik’s “study” time or whatever he wants to draw on the paper :P I feel like the early finish of the day gives us a lot of time at night to hang out .And we do! We read books play games and basically just relax. We love our routine so much that this quarantine being lifted I kinda not want to anymore! :P We find this routine really works at home and everyone is happy and well taken care of. xx

Thank you so much. I had such fun meeting you and documenting your time.

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