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Isolife with the King Family.

This was one of my very first sessions when I was walking around my neighbourhood.

This family are friends of ours through our kids, My boys are good friends with Andreas boys. They are such a great family and we love when the kids get together. I hope you enjoy their Isolife story.

1. How did you feel when they started to close things down and create restrictions?

It was a little concerning but I think because it happened in stages it wasn’t too frightening. I wasn’t overly worried for my family as we were staying at home and enjoying it, but in my work life as a teacher it was stressful. Not knowing what was happening day to day, having more and more kids staying home, managing the kids emotions and trying to complete assessment was tough.

2. What things did you start to do once your iso life began that was different to your normal life.

Nothing really, I just did more of the things I already enjoyed doing. More puzzles, more running, more cooking and more eating ;)

3. What was your favourite thing about iso life.

The long, slow, quiet days. Family walks and movies.

4. What was your least favourite thing about iso life

Not a lot. Screen time probably increased across the board, but in saying that we watched some cool things together.

5. What do you hope changes for the better when we go back to semi normal life.

Maybe more appreciation that busy isn’t always good. We’re really have a slow come back to normal life, still preferring to hang around home.

6. Who did you miss hugging the most.

I’m not a massive hugger. I was able to hug those closest to me.

We are a busy family of five. Keiran works away, on average for 2 weeks out of 4 and I work 4 days a week as a teacher. Our three kids are busy with school commitments as well as after school activities. We all enjoyed the break of no after school running around during isolation.  

Amber x

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