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Singing in the rain....

Its been a while since I sat down and wrote a little blog post. So what better way to start up again than with the most epic little wedding ever! I met Casey, Kurt and their two gorgeous girls last year. At the time I was struggling mentally and was really in a place that I was questioning if I should continue with my business or not. When I hung out with them they made me feel so loved and special. I drove off with a posey of flowers from Alaska and a huge smile and warm heart.That afternoon filled my soul with such joy and it reminded me of why I do this. It's the people. All the different people I meet. So when they asked me to document their wedding I had to say yes. This wedding was a very intimate affair. No guest, 2 flower girls, their besties and LOVE so much love. There had been so much rain the few days leading up to the big day and we were so sure it was going to be a wet wedding. But just as it was time to drive to the wedding the sky cleared. It created the most magical afternoon. Which ended in some wonderful muddy puddle jumps. I drove away with the biggest smile on face. It is such an honour to be invited into your lives and I cherish every session each time.

I hope you love this little snippet of a magical afternoon.

Amber x

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